The Incorporated. Season 2: “Don’t Stop The Carnival”

Seattle brand; The Incorporated‘s 2nd collection: “Don’t Stop The Carnival” available March 15 on their site. With feels of  vintage-streetwear going on from their Long Extended Flannel to the heavy cotton terry Cash Hoodie. Boasting a handful of vintage re-worked tee’s, jeans, & hoodies; The Inc. adds some color to the layer swag for spring.a_-_brown_t_2_2048x2048a_-_brown_t_1_2048x2048j_-_flannel_2_2048x2048j_-_flannel_1_2048x2048a_-_vive_t_1_2048x2048a_-_vive_t_2_2048x2048h_-_cash_hoody_2_2048x2048h_-_cash_hoody_1_2048x2048


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