Introducing Courtside!

On my ongoing quest to be one with my inner Kanye, I checked out a couple new clothing brands to see whats out there and whats hot. I came across a local clothing brand based out of South Florida it looks like called Courtside. When people hear Courtside, they usually think of floor seats at a basketball game. Those seats are usually filled with successful individuals and that’s what they represent. Courtside is a brand made for those that are chasing success. They have a slogan that goes “Ballers that don’t play ball,” made for those hard workers who have a vision and hunger for success.

I like brands that have a meaning and passion behind it like Courtside. They have a good selection of tees and headwear for both men and women. My favorite is the Forgive Me Black Jesus tee, which is a dope spinoff from the movie “He got Game.” Their signature Courtside tee is a must have and with one of their $$$ dad caps you’ll be Courtside in no time. Check out their site here and support the movement.

Courtside is success.



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